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The Coast Salish Gathering is a policy dialogue for Coast Salish Chairs, Chiefs and their Council as well as Federal, State and Provincial Regional Directors and their executive staff only. Reports and video of the proceedings will be posted to the website for the public.

The Gathering’s purpose will be to discuss and develop a shared position report on the health of the Salish Sea ecosystem and the environmental impacts upon the human health and aboriginal and treaty rights to harvest natural resources.

We thank all of our past attendees for their support and attendances to the Gatherings. Please check the proceedings page for details from past Gatherings.

2010 Photo gallery & Poster

Coast Salish Gathering 2010, photos by Benjamin Drummond

2010 CSG Poster

Report out

2010 Coast Salish Gathering Treatise

Worksheet and Summary
Worksheet for Attendees (DOC)

  • If you attended the Gathering and would like to share your observations and recommendations, please fill in the work document, save with your name in the title, and email back to Debra Lekanof, Thank you.

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We thank all of our past attendees for their support and attendances to the Gatherings. Please check the proceedings below for details from previous gatherings.

CSG proceedings show agendas, summary reports, notes and original announcements and graphic materials from each event. Reading the proceedings is a good way to learn more about the annual Gatherings.
2010 Gathering

2009 Gathering

2008 Gathering

2007 Gathering

2005 Gathering



Coast Salish British Columbia First Nations, Western Washington Tribes, Chiefs and Chairmen, Senior Leadership, Representatives and technical staff, Environment Canada, US Environmental Protection Agency, related Canadian and United States State, Provincial and Federal agency representatives, Coast Salish First Nation and Tribal environmental groups and related environmental organizations.

Past Participants:

Tribal Elders
Chet Cayou, Council, Swinomish Indian Tribal Community
Earle Claxton, Tsartlip First Nation, Saanich Inlet
Cal Peters, Squaxin Island
Jimmy Wilson, Council,  Lummi Nation
Ray Silver, Sumas First Nation
Ernest George, Tsleil Waututh Nation
Jim Pratt, Squamish Indian Tribe
Elaine Grinnell, Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe
Deanna D. George,Tsl eil' Waututh Nation
Andrew Jack, Cowichan First Nation
Wayne Charlie, Cowichan First Nation
Evelyn Brown, Chemainus First Nation
Bertha Elliott, Chemainus First Nation
George Harris, Chemainus First Nation
Philiminia Alphonse, Cowichan Tribe
Barbara Lane
Western Washington Tribal Chairman and Council
Chairman, Brian Cladoosby, Swinomish Indian Tribal Community
Chairman, Ben Johnson, Jr.  Makah Indian Tribal Council
Chairman, Lenard Foresman, Suquamish Tribal Council
Chairman, Jim Peters, Squaxin Island Tribe
Thomas A Lonshore, Council, Skokomish Tribe
Ray Williams, Council, Swinomish Indian Tribal Council
Kurt Grinnell, Heather Jock Johnson and Patrick Adams, Council, Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe
Norine Wells, Tribal Secretary, Nisqually Indian Community Council
Billie Jo Settle, Council, Samish Indian Nation
Dennis Sullivan, Council, Lower Elwa Klallam Tribe
Russ Hepfer, Council, Lower Elwa Klallam Tribe
Guy Peters, Quinault Indian Nation
Lawrence R Wilbur, Vice Chairman, Skokomish Tribe
Phillip L. Charles  Jr., Vice Chairman, Lower Elwha Klallam
Agripina D Smith, Tribal Council, Secretary, Nooksack Indian Tribe
First Nation Chiefs and Councilors
Chief Dalton Silver, Sumas  Nation
Chief Leah George, Tsleil Waututh Nation
Chief Ian Camp, Squamish Nation
Chief Terry Sampson, Chemainus First Nation
Chief James Thomas, Halalt First Nation
Chief Norvert Sylvester, Cowichan Tribes
Chief Sidney Douglas, Cheam Indian Tribe
Chief Ivan Wayne Morris, Tsartlip First Nation
Chief John Wesly, Snyxeymuxw First Nation
Chief Nelson Kahama, Soowahalie First Nation
Chief Ron John, Chawathil First Nation
Chief Betty L. Henry, KwawKwawApilt Nation
Chief Doug C. Kelly, Grand Chief, Intergovernmental Tribal Council, Stolo
Chief Darren Blaney, Homalco Nation
Chief Tom R Sampson, Chemainus First Nation
Chief Chris Tom, Chief, Tsartlip First Nation
Chief Larry Commadore, Soowahlie First Nation
Chief Richard W. Thomas, Lyackson First Nation
Chief Harvey R. Alphonse, Cowichan Tribes
Chief Vern Jacks, Tsexclm First Nation

Frank George, Councilor, Songhees Nation
Ron George, Councilor, Cowichan First Nation
Andy Paul, Councilor, Homalco Nation
Robert Sam, Councilor, Penelakut TribeDeborah Baker, Councilor, Squamish Nation
Donna L Edwards, Councilor, Nanoose First Nation
Luschiim A Charlie, Counciler, Cowichan Tribe
Dale A. Harry, Councilor, Squamish First Nation
Tom C. Bob, Councilor, Nanoose First Nation
Carlen Thomas, Councilor, Tsleil-Wauthuth Nation
Jeffrey Point, Councilor, Chilliwack Tribe - Stolo Nation
Josephine August, Councilor, Halalt First Nation
Richard E Baker, Councilor, Squamish Nation
Barbara Barltrop, Councilor, Nanoose First Nation
Ben Norris, Councilor, Halalt First
First Nations and First Nation Organizations
Randall Lewis, Squamish Nation
Gorden Hanson, Coastal Salish Initiative
Ray Harris, Hul’qumi’num Treaty Group
Evan Stewart, Tsleil-Waututh Nation
Kate Miller, Cowichin Tribes
Darwin Douglas, Cheam Indian Band
Jeff Thomas, Snuxeymuxw First Nation
Michael George, Tsleil-Waututh Nation
Dorothea Hood, Tsleil-Waututh Nation
Joanne Thomas, Tsleil-Wauthuth Nation
Eric Pelkey, Sencoten Alliance, Coordinator
Wilbur E Jack, Penelakut Nation
Valerie P Cross Blackett, Tsawwassen Nation
Doug S. White, Devlin Gailus - Snuneymuxw First Nation
Gerry A. Morneau, Cowichan Tribes Treaty Department
Melissa B. Joe, Quamichan Village
Glen Newman, Squamish Nation
Darlene August, Halalt First Nation
Susan Anderson Behn, Sencot'len Alliance
Chuck Seymour, Cowichan First Nation
Don Clayton, Tsawout First Nation
Chad Harris, Chemainus First Nation
Ken Malloway, Chairman, BC Aboriginal Fisheries Commission
US Tribal Organizations and US Tribal Staff
Lorraine Loomis, Fisheries Manager, Skagit River Cooperative System (SRSC) and Vice Chair NWIFC
Terry Williams, Tulalip Tribes
Randy Kinley, Lummi Nation
Harlen James, Lummi Nation
Daryl Williams, Tulalip Tribes
David Herrera, Skokomish Indian Tribe
Fran Wilshusen, NWIFC
Mike Grayum, NWIFC
Lyn Muench, Environmental Planning Program Manager, Jamestown  S’Klallam Tribe
Darrell Phara, TPEAC Liaison
Larry Wasserman, Swinomish Indian Tribal Community
Krong-thip Sangapreecha, Tulalip Tribes
William G Shelton, Tulalip Tribes
Cyrus Hatch IV, Tulalip Tribes
Patti Gobin, Tulalip Tribes
Merla Martin, Swinomish Indian Tribal Community
Ted Edge Sr, Swinomish Indian Tribal Community
Joe McCoy, Swinomish Indian Tribal Community
Mary Marshell, Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council
Jon Waterhouse, Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council
Carl Shamblem, Makah Nation
Scott Sufficool, Quinault Indian Nation
George Adams, Nooksack Tribe
Catalina N. Renteria, Nooksack Indian Tribe
Washington Federal and State Offices
Richard K Wallace, Special Assistant to the Director, Washington Department of Ecology
Michael Bogart, 2005 EPA Region 10 Regional Director
Elin Miller, 2007 EPA Region 10 Director
Mary Beth Clark, EPA Tribal Liaison
Tim Hamlin, EPA Tribal Assistance Unit, EPA
Mary Ann Deppmen, EPA International Affairs. EPA
Lewis McLeod, Tribal Operations, EPA
Jeannie M Summerhays, Northwest Regional Office, Department of Ecology
John Halliday, City of Seattle Tribal Liaison, City of Seattle
Michael Rylko, Puget Sound Estuary Coordinator, EPA
Michelle Prizadeh, Director, EPA
US Environmental Organizations
David Sale, Ecore Resource Group, Seattle
Kathy Fletcher, People for Puget Sound
Heather Trim, People for Puget Sound
Bradly L Ack, Puget Sound Action Team
Tom Cowan, Northwest Straits Commission
Ivar Dolph, Northwest Straits Commission
Ron Shultz, Puget Sound Action Team
Jody Kennedy, Northwest Straits
Canadian Entities
Pradeep Khara, Regional Director General, Pacific Yukon Region, Environment Canada
Mary Beth Berube, Georgia Basin Coordinator, Environment Canada
Phil H’Lirrendell, First Nation Liaison, Environment Canada
Sherry Boudreau, Regional Analyst, Environment Canada
Stan Holman, Environment Canada
Patrick Higgins, Canadian Consulate General
Chris Trumpy, Deputy Minister , Ministry of Environment
Barry Olsen, Park Canada
Megan Ket, BC Ministry of Transportation
Robyn Cooper, BC Ministry of Transportation
Randal Cripps, Regional Director Strategic Integration, Environment Canada
Monica Robinson, Policy Analyst, Environment Canada
Stan Homes Manger, Intergovernmental Affairs, Environment Canada
Sean C. Wong, Senior Environmental Biologist, BC Ministry of Transportation
Angela V. Stadel, Environment Canada
Steve Langdon, Field Unit Superintendent, Parks Canada
John S. Marczyk, First Nations Program Manager, Gulf Islands National Park Reserve
Shanna Fiddler, Negotiations and Treaty Advisor, Parks Canada
Debby Funk, Communications Manager, Parks Canada
Nicole A Sawka, A/Manager Aboriginal Affairs, Environment Canada
Daniel Wolfish, A/Director, Aboriginal Affairs, Environment Canada
Nathan D Cardinal, Park Warden, Gulf Island National Park Reserve
Glen Rasmussen, Coastal Management Coordinator, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Berry Aquaculture, Program Coordinator, Georgia Strait Alliance
Wilf Luedke, Director, South Coast Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Pauline Lalonde, Manager, Aboriginal Programming Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Billy Frank Jr., Chairman, Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (NWIFC)
Lorraine Loomis, Pacific Salmon Treaty
Alan Parker, Evergreen College, Treaty of Indigenous Peoples
Marybeth Berube, Joint Statement of Cooperation
Michael Rylco, Environment Cooperative Council Agreement
Mimi Lam, Adjunct Professor, Fisheries Centre, University of British Columbia
Dr. Roberto Gonzalez-Plaza. Lummi Nation Tribal Environmental Program, Northwest Indian College
Fay G. Cohen, Professor, Dalhousie University
Harold Gatensby, Yukon River Tribal Watershed Council YRITWC
Clarence Alexander, Yukon River Intertribal Watershed Council
Louise Mandell, Q.C., Mandell Pinder, Barristers and Solicitors
Steven Point, Chief Commissioner, Stolo Nation
Marybeth Berube, Environment Canada, Joint Statement of Cooperation
SITC Staff
Charles O’Hara, Planning Director
Todd Mitchell
Elissa Fjellman
Jamie Donatuto
Sara Akin
Rachel Lovellford
Debra Lekanof
Mary Cladoosby
Tiffany Hoyopatubbi

Coast Salish Gathering Secretariats
Swinomish Indian Tribal Community
Coast Salish Initiative
Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission
Georgia Basin Action Plan Steering Committee, First Nation Representatives