Coast Salish Gathering

A gathering of Coast Salish peoples
Western Washington Tribes and
British Columbia First Nations of the Salish Sea

May 26-28, 2015

 Location: Swinomish Indian Tribal Community

Our Way...

We are the first people of the Salish Sea, and our values and teachings guide us in the seven generation of decision making that upholds our balance for a prosperous, safe and healthy way of life.


The Coast Salish ancestral homelands, Salish Sea and people continue to face detrimental damages to the environment and resources based on the pollution based economy, and we will continue to move on co-management and co-decision making on the Salish Sea and Biome. Our agenda for the 2015 Gathering is to discuss:

  • Environmental and natural resources challenges and impacts upon the Salish Sea Ecosystem
  • Aboriginal and Treaty Rights at Risk
  • Transboundary, International, Federal, State and Provincial regulations and laws regarding the Salish Sea Ecosystem
  • Coast Salish 21st Century Governmental Land, Water and Resource Management
  • Co-Management and Co-Decision making on Salish Sea