Climate Change Summit

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Impacts of Climate Change on Our
Tribal Lifeways in the Salish Sea Ecosystem

April 26–27, 2010 | Tulalip Resort and Conference Center

Sponsored by the Coast Salish Gathering, the summit is part of a series of tribally-led session on important topics related to climate change planning and action. Climate change has received considerable attention as evidence continues to accumulate demonstrating the reality and the extent of the impacts that are faced.

The majority of climate change models predict drastic changes in air and ocean currents, sea-level rise, and unpredictable precipitation events. These changes are already occurring, with unforeseen, negative ramifications.

As Indigenous peoples, we are integrally connected to our natural resources and our well-being is impacted by these environmental harms. Native communities and their partners are continually researching and enacting subsequent action plans for addressing climate change related concerns, the latest of which we are excited to share and discuss at the upcoming Summit.

Questions regarding the workshop can be submitted online or directed to Debra Lekanof, CSG Coordinator at phone 360.391-5296 or email


Coast Salish Climate Change Summit proceedings show agendas, summary reports, notes, and original announcements and graphic materials for the workshop.